Moving Trees

Last week professionals came to help remove a tree at St. Peter’s Community Garden to make space for a new greenhouse.  When the volunteers arrived the tree was fast being dismantled – sawdust floating down like spring blossoms.  To our amazement by 10:30 they had finished – clearing up the matter of ‘what is the fastest way to the top of a tree if sitting on an acorn isn’t the fastest way?’

With the tree down it was now the turn of the volunteers to cut branches to manageable sizes and move everything to the working area of the garden.  This would not have been an easy task even in optimum weather – as it was the sun was gloating about there being a summer this year raising the temperature to above 25 degrees.  The heat was accompanied by its friend high humidity, and what seemed like a plague of horseflies taking passing mouthfuls of hot, sticky limbs.  It was not an easy task but once momentum had been built every scrap had been moved by lunchtime the next day.

Through a common lunchtime discussion of superheroes and their latest films we came to realise we had moved an entire tree by raw strength alone.  Now, although we hadn’t pulled the tree from the ground and carried it whole – in that moment the accomplishment felt just as grand making everyone feel a little bit super.




One thought on “Moving Trees

  1. “Fancy cutting down all those beautiful trees…to make pulp for those bloody newspapers, and calling it civilization.


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