Strawberry Jam

Strawberry jam –

summer’s bottled memory

sweet on my tongue.


These last few weeks at St. Peter’s community garden have shown us a little reward for the work we’ve done this year.  From a summer meadow shot through with colour to successful crops of peas, beans, and fruit.

Our strawberries seem to swell, blush, ripen to red, and go over in one day with weather as warm as we’ve experienced recently.  With crops so fleeting, it feels as though summer moves more quickly than we can in this heat.

Though we can’t slow the seasons we have some tricks.  A pan of bubbling jam can mine for memories that have been long forgotten.  Why do softening gooseberries smell so familiar and comforting?  And when the jars are opened as far away as Autumn or Winter – one taste and the sun will come out and make us feel a little happier.

As for now, it seems there is enough for a small taste…



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