Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall


Last week seems like last year whilst writing today under blue skies with days of Summer weather forecast.  Much of last week’s working days were spent inside, sorting the new tool shed and some light weeding when the rain eased.  Rain has a bad reputation; the soaker of clothes, spoiler of bank-holidays, ruiner of picnics.  With rain life can feel greyer, dreary, and melancholic.

With last week’s rain, St Peter’s Community Garden became Nirvana for all its slug and snail occupants.  Their skin glistened with damp slime as they munched and munched their way through beans and brassicas, growing fat on the bounty that the good weather had brought.

The weeds took advantage of the water too, exploding through the flower beds.  A crowd now covering our precious plants and boldly threatening to take over the world.  This blatant aggression appeared to rub off of the lawns – they became unruly and uncooperative.

But despite rain causing play to halt, enemies to invade, and a mutiny to break out, we welcomed it with parched arms following a April that defied all logic.  Next week we will control the lawns, pull the weeds, and repair the damage to vegetables that were thankfully relatively strong.  Once the jobs have been done we will see that the rain has brought strength and vigour to the desirable things in the garden as well as the not so desirable!


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