The Majestic Mallard

Recently the pond at St. Peter’s community garden has had regular visits from a pair of ducks – a male and a female.  To begin with they were quite shy – taking to the sky even if we inched too close to the fence.  Over time it seems they’ve got used to the business and bustle of Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in the garden.  Last week as we chipped a pile of branches and garden waste next to the pond, the ducks paddled about without a care.

Maybe this boldness is due to the time of year as it seems St. Peter’s Community garden is not the only place where the local ducks are becoming brave.  Whilst passing through Fairwater park today I spotted a mallard stood on top of a large 5ft stump from a tree that was felled last week.  The scene was surreal – a duck on a perch that would befit a majestic bird of pray.  At first it raised a giggle but that somehow seemed unkind – why shouldn’t this natural pedestal suit a duck?  However the world perceives ducks – they still have the right to stand with the proud majesty and confidence of an eagle.

Perhaps we can learn a great deal from this duck!





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