Broad Bean Passions

Broad Bean

Brushed by April breeze –

only Wednesday morning hangs

from your beanless stem


The days are longer, the weather warmer.  Now it’s easier to enjoy tasks in the garden without thoughts of the next tea break.

This week we planted out the host of broad beans started off in the greenhouse.  It’s easy to feel reluctant to plant them out.  Are they strong enough, hardened-off enough, will they withstand a tsunami of slugs that pour forth on wet-weekends?  However dangerous the outside world might be to a broad bean plant – they have to make their way in life.  In the past we’ve had whole crops decimated by slugs, snails, aphids, carrot-fly, wind, weather, big feet.  In gardening, disappointment and regret can rule but only if they are allowed to!

When we planted out broad beans this week – the passion of the volunteers went into the action of planting.  We planted in good company and sunshine.  We learned lessons about the garden, about one another, and ourselves.  We planted and enjoyed that moment without a thought for future-beans.  Now even if we gain no return from our work at all, we at least enjoyed the process.  Maybe that is the most important bit of all!




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