The Tadpole Nebula

‘If you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes’ and whilst writing today it’s difficult to remember the joys of spring that were burgeoning forth last week.  The sky is grey and a consistent downpour taps at the windows.  But it’s an inside day today and the rain is a friend who helps to make the inside seem just that little bit more cosy and relaxing.

This week at St. Peter’s community garden we were surprised to see tadpoles already hatching from their jelly-homes – maybe the sunshine and spring-promise had tricked them too!  When stood on the bank of the pond looking down, the now vacated eggs are a pearl white set in the green tinge of the water, and around them a black swirling mass of tiny tadpoles.  The effect is like a deep space nebula and a sudden feeling of being privy to a universal secret!

Now all we can do is wish them luck as they explore their universe more and attempt to avoid predators that already lurk in the weeds and by the pond edge.


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