Violent winds & Sudden Rain

‘Violent winds do not blow all morning.  Sudden rain cannot pour all day’

but storm Doris had a good go last week.  Thankfully, we came out the other side unscathed.  St Peter’s community garden is a generally windy site.  We lost several panes of glass from the greenhouse a couple of years ago when the wind rattled the door open and ran rampant inside.  We’ve also had trees uprooted and branches broken in the past.  Anything not weighed down bowling across the garden attempting to make it’s escape.  So we’ve learnt lessons.  Now we wedge the greenhouse door shut with a plank of wood, stake our trees, and rocks are put on anything moveable.

Doris did prevent most of our volunteers from coming in though.  On Thursday I spent a lonely day with a bolster chisel – chipping concrete from bricks that we’ll recycle.  This is a much better job if you have someone to chat with.  I started in a little cloud of misery – bullied by Doris.  Pushed by wind that pulled my hood off my head, spattered by inconsistent rain, and cold that crept into my toes and fingers.  But as time passed and the weather ebbed and flowed I started to get into my stride – Doris began to feel less of an enemy and more of a friend who kept me entertained as I worked.  Now we’d stopped fighting I could enjoy the day – the frogs gathered in the pond mating, the spring bulbs punching their way to daylight, and the birds speaking to each other in the hedges.


(Quote from Tao Te Ching by Lao-Tzu)


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