Rhubarb Potential

Before the hall refurbishment started we moved plants and a log pile to new safer homes.  Last week we used the logs to make a new feature – sinking them into the ground next to the pond in a row.  The finished product adds character and interest to the area and maybe a place to sit if you’re small enough!  Without trust in their potential –  it would’ve been difficult to guess those old, partially broken logs could be so useful.

I try to keep fit.  I represent Britain in a martial art called Kendo.  When I’m not doing Kendo training I do other training; running, yoga, strength and conditioning.  On Tuesday I worked on strengthening certain arm muscles with weights.  What a day to choose.  On Wednesday I was digging trenches and hauling heavy logs about.  As my biceps turned to jelly my mind turned to regret. However, after about half an hour I got a second wind and felt pretty good about the progress made.  If I could get a second wind – how about a third or a fourth?

There’s something about pushing your limits.  After a while you begin to reflect on what you used to struggle with and realise how far you’ve come.  How much further can you go?  You’ve just broken through the surface like our rhubarb at the moment – a brief flavour of the future.  With protection and nurture it’ll grow into a thick jungle of leaves with sturdy bright stems that even slugs struggle with.  And it doesn’t stop there – further down the line it’ll become jam, chutney, cordial, crumble, pie, and whatever you can imagine…


Be like rhubarb.


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