Eat Honey All Winter

For the unsuccessful

‘The bee, from her industry in summer, eats honey all winter’ ~ Proverb

This week I gave our bees the first feed of the year.  I could see some honey stores left in the hive but I knew a full frame had not been filled and I do worry about them.

We were given our hive in the late summer but I assume the swarm slaved hard throughout.  It wasn’t through lack of industry that they’ll be eating fondant until spring and not honey.  Maybe the previous keepers took too much from them.  Maybe next year we will.  Maybe there wasn’t enough to forage.  Maybe the weather was too wet – we are in Wales after all.  There could be hundreds of subtle reasons but none of them amount to lack of hard work.

Life is rarely proverbial.  Sometimes we buzz all summer and by winter find we haven’t achieved what we worked for.  Sometimes life has other plans.  Sometimes people take too much from us.  There are hundreds of subtle reasons but none amount to a lack of hard work and dedication.  This is when you have to find your fondant.  Hunker down and wait for spring.  When you feel the warm – get out there amongst the flowers and start again.

Also remember; it’s perfectly acceptable to cry over spilt milk!



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